Alex and Otto Ooms, Otolift management 1964 -2011.


You want a stairlift. But who should you be approaching? This is the question that is asked the most by people who want a stairlift. There are so very many providers and everyone says that they are the best, cheapest and most reliable company...

Otolift, already established in 1891, has been manufacturing stairlifts for more than 40 years and has been the convincing market leader of the Netherlands for many years. At Otolift you are guaranteed of that additional bit of commitment as a family company that you miss at other companies. It is this extra trust that you are looking for when purchasing a stairlift.

Take a look at the history of our company, our craftsmanship and the experiences of real customers and users of our stairlifts. With Otolift, convince yourself of the fact that you have found a company that will not betray your confidence. More than 130,000 satisfied customers have already gone before you!

100% Manufacturer

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100% accurately measured

The numbers tell the tale! And this is especially true for a stairlift. After all, you want your stairlift to be installed in the best possible manner and compactly. Otolift has developed its own measuring method with a tolerance of only a tenth of a millimetre. Your stairs is generated automatically in a 3D diagram with an accuracy of, as already mentioned, a tenth of a millimetre by using a camera and state-of-the-art software. Such an extremely accurate determination ensures that the first step has been taken to ensure the best possible fit of your stairlift.

100% own design

Your Otolift will be fully designed by us. The rail will be set out extremely accurately using the most advanced software precisely so that it fits on your stairs as unobtrusively as possible. We have even designed and drawn the stairlift seat ourselves so that you know with utmost certainty that your Otolift has the best fit due to this combination.

100% own production

Your Otolift, that is, both the seat and the rail, is fully produced by our company. From bending the tube to cutting and machining the seat parts: everything is supplied from our 'house'. Your Otolift will fit together as a puzzle without seams and gaps. Top quality is guaranteed.

100% own installation

The installation of your stairlift will also be provided by our own experienced and professional engineers. Flawlessly, cleanly and quickly. Our engineers only install stairlifts and no other products so that you are assured absolute expertise. You will be given a clear and extensive explanation without being rushed in any way after the installation. The engineers will only leave your home once you have mastered all aspects of your new stairlift!

100% own service

You can count on customer-friendly and streamlined aftercare at Otolift. Our service departments can be reached all year round, 7 days a week. A sophisticated and extensive network of competent service employees throughout the Netherlands is at your service 24 hours a day. In the improbable case that your Otolift does not work as it should, it is reassuring that we are always close-by!

Since 1891

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1891 – Company set-up

Otolift was established in 1891 as Otto Ooms BV by mr. Otto Ooms. The company mastered different disciplines in the decades that followed until it started to develop stairlifts in the 1960s.

1968 - the first stairlift

The first stairlift made by Otolift appeared on the market in 1968. The rail of this Otolift type 10 was rolled for stairs with curves and was still being driven by a 380 V motor.

1981 - expansion

The Otolift was very popular due to its excellent reliability. The success was so extensive that the factory that was being used turned out to be too small. The company moved to a considerably larger location in Bergambacht in 1981. The factory is established here up to today.

1995 - first stairlift on two tubes

Otolift created a revolution in the market in 1995. As the very first, a completely updated rail was put on the market, a rail with two slim tubes. This ensured definitely for a different perspective on stairlifts: a stairlift can be functional but also subtle.

1997 – Further expansion

The success of the revolutionary Otolift rail did not fail to appear. Otolift simply continued to grow and the factory premises became too small. The capacity was, therefore, expanded considerably in 1997 to an impressive 10,000 m2.

1999 - The first stairlift with batteries

Otolift again had a first in 1999: it launched the very first stairlift that was driven independently from the mains voltage. The stairlift could simply continue to work even when there was a power outage as from this moment on because of the integrated batteries. Otolift definitively confirmed its name as innovator in the stairlift market.

2003 - Design Price Winner

The Otolift series was being continuously refined. When the technology had matured, Otolift tried to constantly improve the inconspicuousness of its products. With success. Otolift managed to win a Dutch Design Award as the first stairlift manufacturer. Unique for a product dat is in the market of auxiliary devices. Otolift has again proven that a stairlift does not have to be industrial or noticeable.

2007 – Introducing the PARALLEL

Otolift introduced a new stairlift for straight stairs in 2007: the PARALLEL. Otolift's signature was clearly visible; with a superslim and discrete design, the PARALLEL was a success especially on the international market where straight stairs are more common than on the Dutch market.

2011- Introduction of the ONE and winner of the RED DOT AWARD

Otolift introduced the unique ONE in 2011. This stairlift that uses 1 tube was again characterised by an extremely well-considered integration of state-of-the-art technology and a particularly refined interplay of lines. This combination ensures that the ONE is a discrete all-rounder that can be installed on the narrowest and steepest of stairs without ever being in anyone's way. The skill showed by Otolift was rewarded by the renowned RED DOT AWARD. Unique for a product such as a stairlift where Otolift found itself being distinguished among design top-class leaders such as BMW and Apple.

Always in your area

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With more than 70 vehicles on the road and with more than 110,000 stairlifts installed in the Netherlands alone, we are always close-by. With a service department that is at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can, of course, view our stairlifts in one of our showrooms in your area. Or at a customer's home; it is very likely that an Otolift has been installed around the corner from your home.
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