The Otolift Specials.
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Otolift offers all kinds of possibilities to effectively meet your requirements.
Here you can find out about the Otolift specials.

Special for you.

Whether you are looking for an outdoor stairlift or a stairlift for your child: Otolift has a suitable and especially safe solution. Below you will see a number of special stairlifts that we have often installed. Otolift, of course, has many more adjustment options. Would you like more information? Call us on 0800-444 777 1.

Urgent delivery

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Are you in a hurry? Because you are being discharged from the rehabilitation centre and can go home? Or simply because you have come to realise that you need a stairlift? As a manufacturer, Otolift can help you very quickly. We will ensure that you can start to use your stairlift in the shortest possible time through our special urgent procedure.

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Greater lifting capacity

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If the standard lifting capacity of 130 kg (TWO/PARALLEL) or 125 kg (ONE) is insufficient, you can consider the TWO XL. This stairlift has a lifting capacity of 150 kg.

Child stairlift

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Does your child need a stairlift? Otolift has many adjustments to ensure that this is as safe and comfortable as possible for your child. From baby seat to special seats and belts; everything is possible through our delivery range.


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Do you have an outdoor staircase? No problem. Our straight stairlift is completely weatherproof for outdoor installation. If the stairs have a curve, a stairlift can also be fitted to these stairs provided that the seat has a dry parking place. The rail will then be made weatherproof completely.

Raised seat

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Are you not able to bend your knee fully anymore? Or are you simply very tall? The seat can then be raised to ensure you are no longer inconvenienced by your leg or knee hitting something.

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