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Our stairlifts

Besides the two stairlifts for curves, ONE and TWO, we also provide a special system for straight staircases. We can also offer solutions for special requirements, such as fast delivery or stairlifts for children. All our stairlifts are tailor-made and are made in our own factory.


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The Otolift ONE is designed for narrow and steep stairs. This stairlift can be places along the inner curve. The stairs remain safe to walk.

More information about the Otolift 'ONE'

Otolift TWO

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The TWO is designed for the outer curve of your stairs, without impeding the stairs. Because this is a less complex solution, this type is price friendly.

More information about the Otolift 'TWO'

Otolift parallel

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The PARALLEL Otolift is designed for straight staircases. With the ultra slim design, you won't loose much space. The beautiful aluminum rail, is unobtrusive in your home.

More information about the Otolift 'PARALLEL'

OTOLIFT Specials

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Whether it's a weatherproof stair lift or a stair lift for your child: Otolift always has the right, and above all safe solution.

More information about the Otolift 'SPECIALS'

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