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Choose between a system with a mono-rail or a 2 tubed rail
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What type of stairs do you have?

You will notice whilst gathering information that there are two types of stairlifts on the market for curved stairs: stairlifts on one tube and stairlifts on two tubes. And that these stairlifts can also be installed in two ways: along the inside or the outside curve.

Every type of stairlift has its strengths and its points that are not that strong, depending on the layout of the stairs and your personal preferences. Otolift is the only manufacturer that produces both single tube and twin tube stairlift systems and is therefore capable of always offering the best solution.

To make the best choice, it is particularly important whether you have narrow or wide stairs.
Next, your personal preferences will determine the type of lift that best suits your needs. Therefore, please begin by selecting your type of stairs below, after which you can choose your ideal Otolift.

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